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If you are thinking of moving with a genuine moving company in Melbourne, then check out the moving services offered by Statewide Relocation. Amongst the leading Melbourne movers, we are the only Melbourne moving company who are eligible to arrange different types of moves.

Save Yourself from Scam Melbourne Movers

Do you know that about 40 million people every year relocate in search of better opportunities? Do you also know that the number of scam Melbourne moving companies exceed the number of licensed and genuine Melbourne movers? Knowing the fact that a huge number of people relocate each year in US, the rouge Melbourne movers will surely try their level best to encash this opportunity as much as they can. Hence you will have to be very careful and cautious while making your selection.

Why Should You Rely on Us?

Organized moving services of Statewide Relocation will definitely make your journey peaceful and accurate. To begin with, our company is absolutely insured and licensed under the Department of Transportation. Additionally, we have a team of knowledgeable insurance professionals who are well-equipped in safe-guarding your property while you are on your move. They will go through your inventory and suggest you coverage plans, suited to your best interest.

Statewide Relocation is counted amongst the most reputed Melbourne movers because we have a troop of servicemen who are experienced and well trained to offer you the perfect moving services as per your requirement. Before employing professionals for our moving services, we perform thorough background check for each one of them to offer you the best moving services. Our moving professionals are very well-behaved and work actively to expedite the moving process to deliver your movables within the right time. You can be rest assured that your articles are absolutely safe with us and will get delivered in the exact shape & size, in perfect condition.

Packing your Belongings in the Right Way

If your packing is not done properly, then there is a high possibility that your items can break due to the jerk and stress of the journey. That’s why we take all possible care of your belongings at the time of packing to make your move a smooth and perfect one. At Statewide Relocation, we understand the value of your belongings in your life. They are not just considered as an asset but are actually treated as bits of your memories. We use strong and durable packing materials to protect your belongings throughout the moving process.

We Provide All Type of Services

We are the only Melbourne movers ready to provide you with both basic and specialized moving services. We also provide full as well as partial moving services in order to cater all types of moving needs. Our team of professionals will efficiently help you in moving safely to your new destination. Just tell us what you want and watch us prepare for it.

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