Moving Services

Local Moves

A local move is confided within 300 miles to the customers preferred location. It generally consists of moving the household goods with proper packing. The art of packing plays a vital role in Local Moves. Since you will be charged on hourly basis, it is wise to start packing when the State Wide Relocation professionals are there to help you. The hourly rate or flat rate is decided after the completion of estimation. The factors that controls or influences the estimation is the number of trucks and movers. There are several important aspects that should be kept in mind while preparing for the Local Move. We have incorporated a list of moving tips in our website, so check out the moving tips page to boost up your moving process.

Long Distance Moves

A Long Distance Move is a highly complex task which involves loads of processes which requires proper planning. Long Distance Moves consist of crucial features like new accommodation, family adjustments, money matters like pension, tax, health care, which directly influences the move. These several severe matters are basically a part of the move and therefore calls for aprofessional moving company to offer a helping hand. State Wide relocation is a specialist in long distance move and is well known for its grand moving services in all the areas of United States of America (USA). We have a well recognized network and sources that helps us to move our trucks to the various cities and states. Our coordinated team effort gives a stress-free and secured moving service. We take the responsibility of loading and unloading your belongings during the move until we reach you to your destination. Our distinct moving service is priced for its all time, punctual, perfect services.

Residential Moves

State Wide Relocation is one of the most responsible moving companies with immense knowledge and experience on residential move. You can entrust us with your residential move and watch-out the elegant working style. Just like the Local Move, Residential Move also requires proper packing. Our professionals are punctual and experts in the respective fields, therefore you can have implicit faith in our work. We handle every item with utmost care and make sure we relocate your belongings in good health. . Our teams of professionals are disciplined and friendly who are ready to cater to your service accordingly.  We are distinguished for our quality of service.

Corporate Moves

A corporate move involves the relocation of a complete office from the current location to the new destination. We pack, load and deliver your belongings with absolute care. As an experienced moving company, we understand the importance of a move and how it should be processed. Every move is different from the other and they should be handled differently. We attentively pack the belongings as it is an important aspect of the move and guarantee you the safety of your possessions.

Industrial Moves

Industrial move requires highly skilled professionals to lead and complete the move successfully. It requires modern equipments and a bit of technical knowledge to understand every pros and cons of the move. The dedicated packers and movers gives the level best service to make the move a memorable event. Our packers & movers has in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience for packing & moving industrial furniture, machines, and every equipments from small to large. It is a serious challenge to accomplish an industrial move peacefully without obstacles, at the stipulated time.  We have compartmentalized, specialized departments to carry-out the move efficiently and effectively while keeping in mind our oath to eliminate the toxic materials for greener tomorrow. Avail the service to experience the pleasure of a flawless, dynamic industrial move.

International Moves

We have all required information and arrangements for International Moves. We are prepared to provide you the experience of a royal trip through are dedicated generous service. We provide air, sea, rail and truck services to facilitate the international move. Generally, international moves are ordained by employers for official requirements. An international move can turn-out to be a strenuous and troublesome job without proper planning. We prepare for individual as well as complete organization moves internationally. We have a well established network and numerous affiliates all over the world to help you anytime anywhere. We adhere to flexible working time and strategies to offer prompt, reliable moving services from customer clearance to storage solutions.State wide Relocation is the leading move coordinating industry where you can find solutions for every moving problem. We do not consider any move to be too big or too small, hence equal attention is paid to very move to make it a hit. We take pride in offering you the best quality service.

Auto Transport

State Wide Relocation is reputed for its advanced spontaneous moving services all over the world. Our auto-transport servicedivision provides extensive, reliable automobile transportation service. We protect your automobile through intensive care and sincere concern. You can be rest assured that your car will undergo majestic treatments during the move; the show of your vehicle will substantiate our service quality.

State Wide Relocation is experienced in handling all types of vehicles like SUVs, LCVs, tempos, trucks and several others. Our professionals are highly qualified to understand the technical aspect of the move and applying modern mechanism and technologies for the betterment of the move. There is a constant security to protect your vehicle from theft, physical damage etc. We maintain tight security system, by escorting the car throughout the relocating process.


Storage is generally required by emergency movers, people who are already at verge of moving or people who are into import & export business. You can get affordable moving and storage quotes for storing your possessions or goods. Lists of the items are prepared by our estimator. The estimate is either prepared over the phone or and estimator physically visits your office or home and gets prepared with a detail list of the items. Otherwise you as well can walk-into our office and get the price for storing your belongings/goods. We maintain transparency in business and give a clear picture about the dealing. There will be additional charges applied for extra or more services.

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