Moving Tools

Moving Check list

Statewide Relocation has formulated a checklist to simplify your move. It’s just a mode of sharing the practical experience to help you in the moving process. You can refer to the moving tips and get prepared for a perfect move. The checklist is designed to expedite your thought process and transform the hectic move into a joyful ride.

Packing Guide

 A statewide Relocation professional understands the value of your belongings and therefore takes very measure to protect them. But first you need to decide, whether you will take the responsibility for packing or you want to hire a professional packer. Remember, packing plays a vital role in moving your belongings safely. So, take time and pack every item with utmost care. There are few special boxes and wrappers required to pack the fragile items which you can readily avail from us and also refer to our packing guide. In case, you do not have quality time to invest on packing, then our expert packers will gladly help you with packing and soon you can see your house on wheels.

Packing Materials

We recommend using strong, weather resistant and long lasting packing materials. Generally, packing materials provided by movers are more reliable. We can supply you with corrugated cartons and other packing materials for all different types of items like Television, mirrors, tables and for all delicate stuff. Otherwise, your alternate way will be gathering boxes from groceries and liquor shops. But we usually discourage usage of cheap or cost-cutting packing materials as it can harm your belongings.

Items Not Allowed

 We have prohibited storing and moving few items for your security purpose as we want to eliminate all possibilities of damage and destruction. We take every measure in your best interest. There are some stuffs which can easily cause damage to your belongings and harm you. So please go through the list of restricted items to avoid confusion.

Resource Page

This page is very helpful for pre-planning a move. It consists of tit-bit important information necessary to know before moving. You will get access to other related informative sites and pages through our website which is no doubt, beneficial to you.

Relocation Terms

For every purchase and services, there are certain rules, regulation, process, settlement layout etc; in a word it is termed as Terms. These terms are formulated and structured to make the understanding between the service provider and service receiver clear and reinforce the congenial relationship between them. At times moving goods can be a tedious job because of bill of lading/contract, inventory, order of service and other various documents, therefore we also have designed and incorporated terms carefully to make things easy for you as well as for us on the moving day. We maintain our standard of service and business transparency.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

We know that you are entrusting us with the responsibility of your valued belongings and we want you to be able to make the most educated decision during this stressful time in your life. Hence, we have put the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s consumer protection regulation documents on our Web Site to provide you additional information related to your relocation. By law every company is required to give you the consumer access to this information.

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